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Handmade wooden sunglasses make for a great choice for both men and women who are fond of stylish eye-wear. But, handmade wooden sunglasses are not just about style and the perfect fit, as they are essentially created out of a need for sustainable fashion.

Australian sunglasses made of wood vouch for sustainability and ethical fashion. They not just make you feel good for choosing natural materials over plastic, but actually make you look good by complementing versatile styles and looks. So here are the top 5 reasons to choose handmade wooden sunglasses over its plastic-made counterparts;

Handmade wooden sunglasses

#1.Dynamic –

The first reason that makes handmade wooden sunglasses a must have in your collection is the fact that they compliment every colour and style of the clothes that you are carrying. The neutral tone of wooden sunnies will enhance your entire look irrespective of the colour of your clothes. So whether you are wearing something in white, black, brown, blue, green, red, check, floral or anything in multicolour; your wood sunglasses will certainly complement it in the most stunning way.

#2.Strong –

Wood sunglasses are really versatile in the way they work for both men and women. Wood sunglasses come in cool and stylish designs that help give a strong and tough look for men, without being too loud and overstated at the same time.

#3.Elegant –

Wood sunnies come in different designs that help create a very elegant and sophisticated look for women. Again, the versatility of wooden sunglasses also makes them perfectly suitable to be worn by women. Wood sunglasses look very graceful and pleasing to the eye when carried out with great confidence and a perfect smile!

Wear Handmade Wooden Sunglasses

#4.Ultra-Stylish –

From the neutral shade of wood sunnies to their natural pattern designs, wood sunglasses look ultra stylish on both men and women. Whether you are going on an outing with your family or a casual get together with your friends; carrying a pair of wood sunglasses would definitely get you some really fond compliments.

#5.Unique –

One of the most important reasons to choose wooden sunglasses over plastic sunglasses is their unique and one of a kind look. As wood sunglasses are made using natural materials, each pair of sunglasses is supposed to be different from the other. Hence, every pair of wood sunglasses is unique, and this is where its true beauty lies.

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