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Enter Wooden Sunglasses As the world moves faster and into the future, we are being bombarded with style innovation and new directions in fashion including celebrity idols who tell us what to wear and how we should look. This marketing machine affects us and the vastness of wealth made from people being told what to do and how to look. I’ve never been one to follow the flow based on popularity but I do get a thrill out of originality and individuality. Seeing bold striking colours and and shapes these days draws attention from the sea of black and dark coloured blandness. Stepping out of the box gets admiration from people who wish they could pull of such a stunt to people who get inspired to attempt that fashion stunt next time. Wooden and Bamboo Sunglass So lets combine these topics at hand – fashion and boldness, you cant go past the exclusiveness of eyewear in a persons collection. Eyewear and sunglasses are crucial in defining a face shape and adding personality to a look. So how about tweaking the way the sunglasses are manufactured to add to that novel and unusual idea we just mentioned? Enter ‘Wooden Sunnies’ – an Australian based company with a love for the elements and the unique. Showcasing an array of sunglass frames made of both wood and bamboo to lose that overly shiny spastic plastic look and feel and get you back to the grains and texture which give fashion a boost. Different sunglass shapes for both ladies and gents with an assortment of colours and topped with high quality lenses – why weren’t these around earlier? These sunglasses are light as a feather and as cool as any other mainstream brand but fresh and distinct all in one. For more information visit www.woodensunnies.com and take a shop to expand your eyewear collection.Shop Wooden and Bamboo Sunglass
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