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Today the concept of eco fashion is not just limited to sustainable clothes, as this philosophy has also gradually made its way into the world of eyewear fashion. The production of eco friendly sunglasses has minimal effect on the environment, as they are made using sustainable natural materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood. Take a look at how wooden sunglasses are paving a way for better sustainability and ethical fashion trends –

Lesser Plastics

Plastic waste is a global issue, and there is serious need to cut down on the use of plastic consumption in manufacturing of consumer goods. Wooden and bamboo sunglasses offer a great solution to minimise the use of plastics, as the less plastics are used the better it is for the environment.

Organic & Safe

One of the best things about wood sunglasses is the fact that they are organic, which makes them completely free from any kind of unsafe and toxic elements.

eco friendly wooden sunglasses
Wooden and Stylish for the Family

Sustainable yet Stylish

Handmade wooden sunglasses are not just a beginning of a conscious movement, but also a beginning of new trend in the world of stylish sunglasses. The natural patterns on bamboo sunglasses create stunning and unique designs that can be worn by both men and women.

Meaningful Fashion

The sole idea behind eco fashion is to create products for consumers that have a purpose, and eco friendly sunglasses are no different! The ultimate purpose of creating sunglasses using natural materials is to save and protect the environment from the ill effects of plastics and other man made materials for better sustainability.

Wood sunglasses are more than just a style statement. In fact, wearing a pair of handmade wooden or bamboo sunglasses is an experience, as it makes you conscious of your choices as a consumer.

Apart from all the above factors, one thing that makes eco friendly sunglasses extremely special is their uniqueness. Each pair of sunglasses that is made using natural materials like wood and bamboo is unique and one of a kind. In this way, handmade wooden and bamboo sunglasses are a manifestation of nature in themselves. From someone who feels a responsibility towards the environment, to someone who is just fond of nature inspired designs and patterns; the range of eco friendly sunglasses available in Australia has something to offer for them all!

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