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Where some consumers just consider sunglasses to be a fashion statement, there are also others who consider them as a need to protect their eyes from the sun and the elements. Irrespective of the reason why consumers buy sunglasses, it is unfortunate to note that most eye wear brands manufacture sunglasses made of materials like plastics and metals that are contributing to the problem of global waste.

The use of plastics and metals in consumer products often results in huge deposits of toxic waste that has a detrimental effect on the environment on a global level. In order to tackle this problem, there is first and foremost a need for a conscious consumer movement.

Countering the Effects of Global Waste –

As a consumer when you opt for eco friendly sunglasses instead of their plastic counterparts, you take a small step towards countering the issue of global waste. Handmade sunglasses made of wood and bamboo undoubtedly offer a better alternative than plastic sunglasses, as they are made from natural materials that don’t leave a carbon footprint. If lesser plastics are what you believe in, then when it comes to eyewear, eco friendly sunglasses should be your ultimate pick.

Nature Inspired Designs –

Handmade wooden sunglasses and handmade bamboo sunglasses not just offer a better alternative than plastic sunglasses for a sustainable planet, but also make a great choice because of their nature inspired designs and unique styles. Wood sunnies are really versatile, as they just compliment every look and style. From classic, simple, bold, and contemporary; wooden sunglasses are available in different styles to match individual customer preferences.

Unique and One of a Kind –

As handmade wooden and bamboo sunglasses are made using natural materials, their designs are absolutely unique and one of a kind. Each pair of eco friendly sunglasses is unique and original, which is not the case with sunglasses that are made using plastic materials. In this way, eco friendly sunglasses not just celebrate the dynamism of nature, but also the originality of every individual who wears them.

The future of eyewear fashion heavily relies on sustainability. And in this scenario, handmade wooden and bamboo sunglasses are undoubtedly the only and best alternative to using synthetic materials like plastics for the production of sunglasses. Be a part of this change; be using only eco friendly sunglasses!

Handmade wooden sunglasses
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