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Sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories for both men and women.

During our lives, in order to protect our eyes from the sun’s brightness, UV rays and reflection, we enjoyed wearing sunglasses. They have become an important part of our personal style that we wear almost every day.

The industry behind manufacturing the sunglasses has developed enormously. Starting from all the different, models, colours, and shapes, to the material they are made of, the sunglasses are evolving in every way.

The Colour Therapy of Wooden Sunnies

One most common and used materials for manufacturing sunglasses is plastic! Wherever you turn, there are plastic sunglasses from the gas station sunglass stands to the pharmacies discount bins. They can be rigid and strong and plastic is what makes them long-lasting and more budget to any other material. But, have you asked yourself whether the plastic ones are safe to wear? In the past, people did not have any other choice than to wear the sunglasses that were on the market – the plastic ones or forking out more for some steel and glass designer styles.

Today, the times have changed. Protecting yourself and the environment can be done through a change in the process of manufacturing. To achieve this, the most important thing is to substitute the main material, which means ditching the plastic.

Plastic is a huge problem that affects oceans, wildlife and causes public health problems. The process of manufacturing plastics causes lots of pollution and health problems, not to mention the long lifespan of this material which takes many years to break down. Those who are concerned about their personal and purchasing decisions and how they affect the environment should consider limiting the amount of plastic they buy. It is well-known that plastic tends to last virtually forever but there is a much more natural and organic alternative to it. 

EmDeez Collection – Dark Bamboo Frames

One solution that is eco, planet and environment- friendly is switching from plastic to biodegradable substances. In terms of sunglasses, this means switching to wooden framed sunglasses. Our company “Wooden Sunnies” specialises in manufacturing and selling fashionable, trendy and unique wooden sunglasses. 

One of the biggest challenges that we faced in terms of producing wooden sunglasses was the acceptance of wood as a reliable material. The second challenge was creating a final product that should be fashionable, comfortable and quality. So, as those obstacles was successfully passed, we at “Wooden Sunnies” proudly presented the new stylish sustainable eyewear – wooden eyeglasses. The wooden concept of the sunglasses refers to the wooden frames, in particular. For better understanding, the two most popular manufacturing materials of the wooden frames are:

Bamboo – bamboo is considered to be the eco-friendliest material in creating wooden sunglasses. This plant, which is very common, grows fast, needs almost no fertiliser or farming, which makes it the best solution for a product like this.

Cork – this renewable material comes from a tree that does not need to be harvested so that the final product can be used.

If you are wondering about whether to try the “Wooden Sunnies” over the plastic sunglasses, here are some facts that will definitely help your decision:

Lightness: Our wooden eyeglasses – wooden frames – are very light, and you can barely even feel wearing them. Their lightness does not weigh down on the nose or leave a mark.

Warmth: They are warm and contrary to the metal frames; the wood does not get bitterly cold.

Comfortability: “Wooden Sunnies” are far more comfortable than any other alternatives featuring different styles of nose bridges to suit all faces.

Uniqueness: each of our wooden frames are unique and special, contrary to the look of mass-produced metal and plastic frames. The unique wooden patterns and grains are something that people appreciate when donning them. 

Eco-friendly: It is well-known that wood is a renewable, natural and organic resource. Natural oils and waxes that we use in treating the frames make them skin-friendly, without irritation.

Design: Our wooden frames come in many colourful variations including popular styles on the market.

Mulitlayered ‘Skateboard’ Wood Frames – Skate Edge Collection

Packaging: The packaging is gorgeous. Each pair of sunglasses comes into a fabulous bamboo cylinder.

Owning and wearing wooden sunglasses is good for you and the sustainability aspects contributing to saving and preserving the environment. Like other sunglasses, the wooden ones are in no way weaker nor do they require any special care – although we always like to care for our favourite accessories! Like most products in the case of falling, bending, twisting or are pressured by an excessive force – they can be damaged. But being a natural product and needing a quick repair, superglue is your best friend to fix your beloved sunnies, should they ever suffer a crack. The only thing to mind with the wooden sunglasses is not leaving them far too long exposed in very high or low temperatures because wood is more susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

If you are still thinking about getting a pair of wooden sunglasses, take a look at our palette of different options and the “Wooden Sunnies”  top 6 bestsellers:

Oldskool – these frames are based on the ray ban wayfarer. They are unisex and come into several colours

Bon Bon – just for the females, these frames are bigger and round, which makes them  an absolute  favourite.

Lolita – the trendy mirror lenses and retro look make this a bestseller, which are also unisex.

Emdeez – fashionable bamboo round style, these frames are current favourite for both men and women.

Dexter – the square-shaped frames are based on Oakley Holbrook. This model is popular with the men. 

Rainbow Waze – those who are looking for an extraordinary, unique and the head turning asset- these are for you! Colourful, bright and festival.

Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses
Elegant Bon Bons Collection – Zebra Wood

Going for wooden sunglasses and choosing the wood over plastic helps you personally minimise the impact on the environment. The wood is a replenish-able resource and wearing wooden sunglasses will make you feel comfortable without worrying that you are taking something that won’t grow back (or take forever to deteriorate).

“Wooden Sunnies” is your fashionable and environmental friend to keep your eyes protected, and at the same time contribute to the new wave of sustainability and eco-friendly interest via this hip and trendy face accessory.

The uniqueness and beauty of the sunglasses, along with many different shapes and choices can be found at www.woodensunnies.com.

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